Real Estate Closing Seller

If you are the seller:

  • Have your attorney review the purchase and sales agreement prior to signing to advise you on details of the contract
  • Notify your realtor which attorney you will be using to assist with the closing
  • Send your attorney the fully signed Purchase and Sales Agreement and any disclosures you may have signed as soon as it is completed by all parties
  • If you are notified that repairs are required based upon an inspection of the premises, contact your attorney as to how to proceed with these suggested repairs. Remember, most contracts have time limits on when you must respond to repair requests; contact your attorney immediately.
  • Notify your attorney if you have a mortgage(s) or lien on the property and provide your attorney with your current mortgage/lien statement
  • Inform your attorney as to whether your home has the following: oil/gas heat, a current receipt for oil/gas, city water, and sewer or well and septic, working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • If you cannot attend the closing notify your attorney as soon as you are aware of this possibility