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Real Estate Closing Buyer

If you are the buyer:

  • Organize your finances before selecting your lender
  • Give your lender and realtor your closing attorney’s contact information
  • Work with your lender in getting pre-approved for your loan
  • Once you select your home, make an offer that is in your price range
  • Be certain the contract allows for any conditions you feel are necessary
  • Negotiate price, credit, and repairs with the seller
  • Have your attorney review the Purchase and Sales Agreement prior to signing so that you can be advised of the details in the contract
  • Notify your realtor and your lender which attorney you will be using to assist with the closing
  • Send your attorney the fully signed Purchase and Sales Agreement as soon as it is completed by all parties
  • Arrange for the necessary home inspections, surveys, etc.
  • Other closing costs to be prepared for may include: lenders fees, homeowners insurance, utilities, HOA or condo fees, property taxes, fuel adjustments, title insurance costs; your lender should provide you with preliminary information on these during the initial lending process
  • Keep your attorney apprised of appraisal and inspection results so that your attorney may assist you with this process.
  • Respond to all requests for information from both your lender and attorney as soon as possible.
  • Attend the closing with the down payment in the form of a bank check, and two forms of identification, sign all of the required documents and get a clear title to your new home!